Christ the King – We still have issues with Jesus!

Christ the King


My friends…in many ways and at many times in our lives I believe we still have a problem with Jesus.


We profess to be Christians…followers and believers in God revealed to us in and through the person of Christ…but


In many ways this Christ still doesn’t make sense to us….


As Christians we stand for justice, for right relationship, for equality and compassion…all good…


But sometimes we do so from a position of the first criminal who spoke in the scriptures tonight…from a position of fear, anger, resentment and rage. 


We call for justice, for recognition, for acknowledgement, for affirmation, for equal treatment…but we do so as we speak our voice from our hurt, pain, sorrow, anger and woundedness.


We much like this crimnal want and expect and sometimes even demand a pray that God will right the wrong….. 


We cry out in our hurt and pain and woundedness….save yourself and us!  Now!


Does it not sound similar to many times we have held signs, marched and protested in the face of the religious establishments, political or social establishments….


I wonder…..I wonder if


Would it not be much more powerful if we were to do and be those things from a position of gratitude, humility and grace.


The second criminal….did not deny, minimize or shun himself or what he had done…his was a position of acceptance….total acceptance…of himself and of God’s love, mercy, and redemption.


What if our signs read something like:  We are all God’s Children, Loved and Redeemed!


I am not suggesting we step back from our dedication, commitment, fervor or activism for justice and equality.


I am only suggesting that we make certain that we do all those things from the position of acceptance, and love….not anger, fear and resentment.


The law of attraction reiterates that we attract what we provide….fear or love….the decision is ours…


I wonder which we will chose?


Remember every pearl is born only out of the woundedness caused by a grain of sand, surrounded and nurtured by years of love, and layers of grace upon grace.  The wound is transformed from hurt and pain to pure beauty only by being surrounded and enveloped in the warmth of the heart of the clam.


Lets make pearls my friends….really big…really beautiful manifestions of Gods abundant love.  Amen!


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