Corpus Christi-The Feast of Intimacy with our God

Corpus Christi


How do we describe the most intimate unions of our lives?


What words, phrases or sayings would we use?  What image would best describe the most intimate relationship of our lives?


Not easy is it?  A bit of challenge?


The feast we celebrate today is a feast of intimacy, union and profundity with a God


who chooses at this point in the long history of the world


to be using our fellow companions with our


limited language and our obscure understandings


as messengers on this long journey of life. 


That choice of God…is either complex or simple; I am not always sure which one…


But let’s face it…we love complexity…in fact sometimes we thrive on it…


We love complication…..


as if the more complex something is the greater or deeper is the truth that it contains…..


We have professionals, and specialists, and subject matter experts in just about every field and discipline one can imagine from corrections to floor care, from executives to maintenance…..


If one wants to be the most successful….


All we have to do something so complicated that no one else can do it and in a way that no one else can track or understand and we can make millions….


It can be as complicated as body and blood


as simple as bread and wine.


But time and time again,


the God we hear about in our Scriptures is a God of simplicity not complicity…


a God of ease not a God of complication!


See if some of these sayings don’t ring a bell,


Sayings like: 


+ God is love and those who love abide in God

and God in them.


 + I am the light of the world…no one puts a light under a     



+ In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God


+ Take eat ,and take and drink and as often as you do this do  

    it in remembrance of me.


+ Or when Moses said to God:  Who do I tell them told me: 

    simply say “I am”


+ I am the living bread…


How do we understand these puzzeling sayings of flesh and blood….


 Maybe Jesus was trying to share with those who were gathered with him in the temple the reality of a God who loves us so deeply that it is nearly impossible to describe? 


Maybe the struggle that we had in answering that question I posed at the very beginning, is the same struggle that Jesus was having?


How does one describe the most intimate relationship in our lives? 


If you hurt, I hurt; if you rejoice, I rejoice; if you cry, I cry; if you laugh, I laugh; if your heart is breaking, mine is as well.


Maybe body and blood aren’t as complex as we make them out to be!


Our words just seem to fall short don’t they?


We live in a complex world and in turn we often complicate our faith….


but the message and command of the Gospel is simple clear and concise….


gather, pray, sing psalms and hymns, give thanks, eat and drink.


You see my friends….maybe the best way to describe how our God is with us in this moment, in this place, in this time


Maybe the most effective way to proclaim our intimacy with our God is to simply BE…


To BE….right here, right now, without any expectations, judgment or desires…


to just BE knowing God is here, we are here…


it is maybe that simple….


And wouldn’t it be as awesome to give ourselves that kind of permission to do it on a daily basis….


To just BE in God’s presence….


Wonder if we could do that for 5 min. a day? 


Just be…


no words,


no expectations;


just let God love us


without all the voices in our heads or in our world!


Just be…


simply loved by our God who wants nor expects anything more.



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