Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Your God knows what you need before you ask.  

Matthew 6:8

Watching the beginning of Johnny Carson was a treat during my childhood. Mostly in the summer months when my mom prayed we’d sleep later in the morning, but a treat nonetheless! One of my favorite skits was Carnac the Magnificent. Remember him?  He used to share his ability to announce the answer to a question placed in a sealed envelope before seeing it.  Quite entertaining…and so human.

Let’s face it.  We humans often expect one another to know the answers before we even ask the questions.  We hope and often assume that what is going on in our own mind is easily accessible to those we love.  Therefore, we shouldn’t have to explain what we’re thinking or feeling, our loved ones should be able to figure that out on their own.   Unfortunately, when we live with those expectations in our human relationships, the results are not usually comical.  But we can live with these expectations in our relationship with God.

God knows our heart.  God knows our minds.  God is with us at every step of our journey whether we choose to acknowledge that presence or not.  God knows what we need before we do.

The beauty of this reality is that when we walk and talk with God through prayer, we don’t need to have beautiful words, organized thoughts, or proper etiquette.  We can come before God as we are at the moment.  We may be ecstatic with joy, burdened by pain, impatient with anticipation, frozen in grief, or simply unaware of what we need, when we come to God in prayer.  That’s all ok.  God is only seeking the relationship with us that comes through prayer; an intimate relationship that helps us to become all that we were created to be, and spreads Love to all creation.

I wonder if we gave ourselves permission to simply trust that God knows what we need and rest in Love, how we may be changed and consequently change the world?

Rev. Joan


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