Saturday, February 28, 2015

O come and see, come and hear how we honor the Beloved.

Many there are who desire Life, who yearn for fulfillment,

who covet the wisdom of Truth.

Keep your heart open and free, take time to dwell in the Silence,

become a peaceful presence in the world.

For the Beloved sees the deeds of our hearts, and hears our innermost thoughts.

The face of the Beloved turns from the evil ways of men and women;

For Love is kind and merciful and remembers not our sins.

Rather, the Beloved is patient, ever-waiting for us to cry our for forgiveness,

to embrace Love’s way.

How often the Beloved weeps with compassion over those who are crushed in spirit.

Though we are beset with many fears that cause illness and troubles,

The Beloved is ever ready to comfort us in our sorrows,

to strengthen us on our soul’s journey to wholeness.

The Beloved renews the life of all

who surrender to Love.

Psalm 34 

When the community of Spirit of Hope began, they agreed on the tenant that they would only respond in Love. No matter what was being flung their way, publicly or personally, Love would be the response. Sometimes that is the most difficult way to respond.  We want to defend ourselves, prove we’re right.  We react to someone hurting us, but responding in hurtful way. Truth must be spoken, but when done in Love, it will be more powerful than any army or storm.  Love wins.  It really does.  The challenge for us humans is to ground ourselves so deeply in Love, that it is the first and most natural response we have.

My friends, today let’s surrender to Love. Let’s keep our heart open and free, dwell in the silence, and become a peaceful presence in the world. How our world needs more Love and more peaceful presences!  We can be assured that our Beloved God will renew the lives of all who surrender to Love. Amen!

Rev. Joan


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