Sunday, March 20,2015

And Jesus wept.   John 11:35

Three words.  Three simple words.  The shortest passage in the Bible, but really so enlightening so empowering.  At least for me.  When I read these words  for the first time, I was a teenager, and I remember so clearly thinking Jesus was truly human.  If he wasn’t human, if he was only perfectly divine, he wouldn’t cry because he would know everything…..the past “why”, the present “why” and the future “why”.  But Jesus did cry, he did feel pain, he did feel sadness…he felt everything I did.  In my 13-year-old brain I remember thinking…maybe this Jesus is worth looking into.

My 51-year-old brain still loves this passage, still finds it empowering, and still finds so much peace in the knowledge that God really does understand what I’m going through, for God experienced it through coming to this earth as Jesus.  My friends, I believe the humanity of Jesus opens a door to love, grace, and finally acceptance.   And I’ve said before I believe it is through accepting how loved and treasured we are by God that we are to live in a way that transforms the world around us.  

Next time we’re brought to tears…whether tears of joy or tears of sorrow, maybe we can close our eyes, remember these three simple words and feel the reality we are not alone.  No, we are in the company of a loving God who knows intimately what we’re going through, and loves us beyond understanding.  In sharing this moment with Jesus, our burden will be  diminished and our joy multiplied.  


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