Thursday, March 26,2015

Look to God and God’s strength;  seek to serve God constantly.  Psalm 105:4

Wouldnt it be aaweesome if there were a God app?  A button we could touch on our phone that would bring up the face of God and  answer all our questions , help us make decisions, show us what the next right step is?  We wouldn’t have to think twice about what to do, we’d have it readily available on our phone.  Though, if the celltower  went down, it would be chaos.

Life isn’t simple.  There  is no button to push, no central database to give us the answers.  Life is a journey, filled with joy, grace, suffering, fear, love, disappointsment, miracles…and the list goes on.  The beautiy of life comes in the vast spectrum of experiences it offeers.  Like a tapestry, each stitch adds color and design to the broader picture.  Each experience we have adds to the full picutre of our lives.  Sometimes the experience is a joy-filled one, but often times our experience can be painful.  It is a gift of the spiritual life to realize that each experience is important to the whole.

Developing  an intimate relationship with God is the app we need.  Spending time in prayer, in meditation, in discernment, in dreaming opens up a line of communication directly into our hearts and minds.  Seeking God’s will instead of our own will lead us to making  the next right choice taking the next right step.  It’s not easy  for us humans  to do this, and sometimess we will fail at the task – often in great big  ways with big consequences.  That’s OK.  We will find that God’s abundant grace will be waiting for us, will surround us, and will help us get back on track.

Maybe for today we can look to God in prayerr and see the face of God in one another.  Let’s find God’s strength and hold on to it tightly  so we are not derailed as we hit the bumps of life.  Today, let’s seek to serve God and God’s people so the love of God may be manifested in our world.

Rev Joan


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