12th Sunday Ordinary Time: 21 JUN 15: Over 100 Billion Galaxies!

12th Sunday Ordinary Time:  21 JUN 15

First, may I extend to each and every father, each and every person who has nurtured faith, life and hope into or onto the lives of others, a most blest and happy Fathers Day.

Sometimes the Gospel has a way of putting life in proper perspective if you will.

I don’t know about you, but I do know that nearly every time I read a Gospel story and Jesus says…..hey….lets go do this….or…hey lets go here….I just want to scream….don’t do it!  Tell Christ you have a better idea….because it most likely doesn’t end up the way you or I have planned.

Story after story…one would think that the disciples would wise up after a while and say to Jesus….how about we go do something different than what you are suggesting…because your suggestions often end up to be really challenging….

This story is no exception…Jesus in all his brilliance

…..say its night time….what do you say we take this old fishing boat and row ourselves over to the other side of Lake Mille Lacs….oh sure…great idea there Jesus….lets just do that….duhhhhh.

The Sea of Galilee, also KinneretLake of Gennesaret, or Lake Tiberias  is the largest freshwater lake in Israel, and it is approximately 13 mi long, and 8.1 mi wide. The lake has a maximum depth of approximately 141 feet.

Lake Mille Lacs is about 9 mi long, about 8-10mi wide and an average depth of 28-41ft.

So in many ways….it is very close to the same, and I can tell you there is probably not one fisher person in this entire state that would say….oh yeah…lets get a row boat and paddle ourselves to the other side of the lake tonight!

I think if I was one of the disciples I might have said…..hey Jesus…how about NOT….lets wait until morning like most sane people would do!

Anyway, that is not the point, but it does make for some good light hearted consideration.  It kind of helps us to put some historical perspective on what can often be remote or ambiguous.

But then lets try this perspective…..have you ever had the opportunity to lay out on a blanket under the stars out in the country away from any light pollution….and gaze up at the massive Milky Way galaxy and it spreads its light across the night sky?

It’s an amazing experience….and this is but one galaxy in the infinite mass of space….there are scientists believe over 100 billion observable galaxies in the universe!

Let’s face it, this little tiny planet of earth is hardly even a fly speck in the face of God’s creation, and we as people aren’t even the tip of a pin spot.

So do we really believe that God could possibly care?  Here is the Good News my friends…yes God does!  God cares so much, that we believe God became one of us, in Christ.  God became one of us, so that we could know that there is nothing, no human experience that God does not understand.  Even death….but all the readings from our Scriptures this weekend remind us to keep our lives in perspective.

If you think the thought of 100 billion galaxies is mind boggling, try understanding how vastly enormous God is that God would choose to become one with the people of the fly speck in the Milky Way….

It is a beautiful reminder that Christ gave to the disciples and to us…Why are you terrified…Do you not have faith?

I sent my beloved to be one with you….do you not believe that I am with you always?

Yes I am with you….in the joys and in the sorrows….in the dreams and in the dredges….I am with you in the ecstasy and in the agonies of life.

Christ didn’t come to take us out of this world or out of the experience of being human; Christ came so that we would know we never walk through that experience alone.

You see my friends….it is precisely why we gather each and every week around a table….bless and break bread, bless and share a cup…to remind ourselves and each other that we will never be alone.  We have each other, and we have a God who loved us so much that God chose to become one with us.

And here is the real kicker….that faith is not only God’s gift, it is our decision as well.  We….you and I can decide we are going to add to that gift…to help it grow in the lives of others, or we can become dynamically apathetic and dissipate God’s dynamism.

I hope that when God looks over all those billions of Galaxies and sees this one little fly speck, I hope and pray that God’s response is something like….wow….look at that….see how they love one another?  That is just why I created them!

I honestly believe…..if God could say anything to each and everyone of us tonight, it would very well be something like this….

Thank you….for being a light in the darkness, for being hope in the sorrow, and thank you for being you!


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