Are we human beings having a spiritual experience….or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

20th Sunday Ordinary Time—16 AUG 15

So here is a question I would like for you to consider and ponder for just a bit now, but maybe deeper and further in the coming week.

What do you believe….are we human beings having a spiritual experience….or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

Hold that question in your heart for a few minutes…..

I was struck particularly by this line of the Gospel today….

The one who feeds on me will have life because of me….

I do not believe that Jesus meant literally to eat his flesh and drink his blood….cannabalism in both the world of Jesus and I would venture to say even more so today….is quite repulsive….

So then what what Jesus driving at?  What point….what truth beyond his words was he trying to make….

I wonder if it wasn’t more an attempt for him to get folks to think…and ultimately to act….in a way that was congruent with their truest self.

We have heard it from a scientific perspective….we are what we eat….I believe that is true of our spiritual reality as well….we are what we consume…

So I went to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and I quieried….How does an average american spend their day?

In 2014, for which their is the most current data….we report that on the average….we spend 8 minutes a day engaged in “Religious or Spiritual activities” during the week……….out of the 29 categories for which the statistical data is gathered….this one is the lowest recorded.

Now let’s go back to the question I posed at the beginning….are we human beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a human experience?

I believe we are the later…and I believe that the likelihood is that most of us can hardly switch up much of what we do…we can tweak it, but probably not drastically.

So what we may want to look at changing is how we look at our reality?  And in doing so we could then use that reality to engage in our truest self…exactly what Jesus was trying to invite those who heard his words were being invited to do.

So…let’s imagine….

What if answering emails became for us a spiritual experience.  What if with every click of the send button was accompanied by a prayer for the person we just sent?

What if we looked at the person in front of us on the highway when we are stuck in traffic and we simply said…God…I hope that your blessing will be with them today.

What if when we were stirring the hamburger on the stove as we made spaghetti we took a few seconds to say…thank you God for all the farmers who made this whole meal possible.

What if when we were putting gas into the car we simply said…Wow I have so much to be thankful for….

Then maybe the statistic of being engaged in “spiritual activites” would blow away any other statistic.

And maybe we would be doing exactly what Jesus was trying to shockingly get his hearers to understand.

We are what we eat…what consumes our mind?

I have a sign in my office…that simply says:

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at Change…

Just think…every day, every moment, every experience could be an opportunity for touching our truest self…

That I believe my friends might just be what Jesus meant by the “bread of life!”


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