We are enough…just keep living into it!

18th Sunday Ordinary Time—2 AUG 15

When the crowd saw that neither Jesus nor the disciples were there, they got into a boat and came to Capernaum looking for Jesus…..

Do you remember or have you ever experienced

either learning or teaching

someone to do a back float in the water?

Usually it begins with the person or youngster

lying back and relaxing…arching their back..

water just at their nose…ears muffled….

but with a parent or friend gently supporting them

as they learn to float and hold it on their own.

There comes a point at which

teasingly the trusting hand is ever so gently slipped away,

giving the child or friend the opportunity

to see that they have everything they need

in themselves if only they will trust it.

Inevitably, the one learning suddenly realizes that the hand of safety is no longer holding them up

and that it is sink or swim time….even though they may have been floating on their own for quite some time.

It usually results in dire panic and a nose or mouth full of water and some spurts and slpashes…

accompanied by something like…why did you let go?!!!!!

I wonder if that experience isn’t a great metaphor for holiness.

Remember Rev. Corein last week inviting us to spend this week just resting in the fact that we are enough…

holy enough…

good enough…

blest enough…

loved enough…

that God revels in us,

if for no other reason than the simple fact that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

We are, as we say at Baptism…God’s work of Art!

See we have to remember about this Gospel, is what just happened….it was the feeding of the 5000….the loaves and fishes….

You see I think that in many ways,

this story points out for us all a fundamental phenomenon of the Spiritual Life….

that phenomenon is the contagiousness of holiness!

If you happen to be here last weekend…it was absolutely a beautiful thing to witness…As Rev. Corein and I stood in back at the begining of Mass….and Steve got up to do the greeting….folks were just a buzz with one another…..the Holy Spirit was flowing and floating and whirling in this space….just like those gathered on the hillside….

There they were reclined on the grassy hillside..the baskets were being passed…stories being told, people catching up, sharing what they had brought, talking with friends and family and neighbors…..being supported by the love that comes from being in relationship with each other and consequently in relationship with God….it wasn’t until they started searching for Jesus who had simply invited them into their own holiness…. then they began to panic….they ran off searching…why did you go?

Jesus said to them and I believe to us….

All that is required of you in faith….

is that you believe…..

you don’t have to understand it all….

you don’t have to have studied theology and have advanced degrees, or write books or do anything….

all you have to do is believe.

Belief is a transformational experience….

if you doubt or question that…

just think back to learning to float in the water….

once a person learns to believe that they have it in themselves…

they float!

When we let go of all our preconceived notions about who God is or how God operates in our lives or the lives of others or our world….

when we just ‘Let Go and Let God”

then our transformation begins….

trust begins to build..

sometimes we float and sometimes we doubt and flounder about in in the amazing mystery of God…

until we get to tired enough and we relax once again into the arms of God and again we simply float in the great mystery we call God.

My friends….

I don’t have all the answers…

in fact I probably have fewer answers than almost any religious leader I know….

but I do have this….

if we only will allow ourselves to Let Go and Let God….

I can assure you of this….we will float!

This week….

as the storms of life and work and family and friends sends wave after wave of discord or dissent flooding us…

I am going to invite you to practice just resting in hands of God…just Let Go and Let God….

I’d love to know how you find it to be for you?

As my friend said…why not shoot for the stars and if you miss what the heck you might just hit the moon!

Just–Let go and Let God….

God has graced us all with everything we need….


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